The Winery

The Winery

Señorío de Líbano winery has the latest technologies in order to obtain top quality wines. For that purpose we have a building for containers, a building for aging, and a building for storage.

Building for containers. We have truncated-cone stainless steel containers with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 9,400 liters,concrete containers coated with epoxi fibers and used for assembling and as guard containers, as well as wood tubs with a capacity for 20,500 liters, where we perform the malolactic fermentation and the refining and assembly of wines.

Building for aging. Half buried and using some 800 square meters, it holds 2,500 cask sof American and French oak, I with optimal conditions of humidity and temperature to provide the casks with a regular and stable aging process. The average age of our casks is 3.5-years:These casks have been made with a selection of the best kinds of oak from each region.

In the case of the French oak, it comes from the Troncais and Allier forest, and the American oak comes from Missouri and the Appalaches. The different toasting of the woods make us vary the times of permanence of the wine, oscillating between a minimum of 14 months and a maximum of 20, achieving different subtleties for each kind of wind.

Besides, Señorío de Líbano winery achieves the limpid quality of its wines through time, de in a natural way, by means of constant transport and eliminating the final liters in each cask, where most of the particles are deposited. At any rate, clarifications and stabilizations are avoided since they damage the organoleptic quality of the wine.

Before the process of bottling, the wine goes through a period of refinement and assembly in French oak tubs.

Building for storage and bottle rack. Located in 350 subterranean square meters, it holds up to 325,000 bottles of the different brands and years, as well as the cask filling and washing system.

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